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Kilkenny History


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We would like to thank local historian and long term resident Gino Chinca for the information provided. Without his painstaking research and documentation we would not be able to provide a lot of the information that we have today. 

Wilpena is aboriginal possibly meaning:The hut or wurli place” (in the language of the Kuarna Tribe). Many of the streets further down in Wilpena Terrace were at one stage re-named after SA country towns (Pinda, Tarcowie and Mundalla) that happened to have indigenous names. 

The area of Kilkenny officially started in 1849. Kilkenny as we know it today stretches from Aroona Road over to First Street behind the Arndale Shopping Centre, then back along David Terrace to Port Road.  Its original section was no: 388. It once included two smaller suburbs called CARLTON and ALTON.

Carlton was located in the area that was the industrial part of Kilkenny. The railway line end of Wilpena Terrace was first developed in the late 1800’s and contained houses, shops and cottages as well as local industries. The area between the railway line to Mundalla Street through to Sackville Street was dubbed Little Sheffield to reflect the nature of the businesses that existed there. These included a large industrial foundry and engineering industry. Foundry business was strong within SA in the late 1800’s only falling into demise around 1900. Engineering, a plug hole for clay pipes, a talc business, builders, machinists, concrete, elevators, plastics and a windmill company also existed within the area during it’s heyday. The suburb of Carlton was amalgamated into Kilkenny in 1910. Nowadays Kilkenny has only a furniture factory, Shearers or Brownbuilt and Industrial Springs Engineering under operation in the area.



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