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15822632_10155641669668858_3121036570844406935_nWelcome to Gorilla Art, a site that promotes the activities of our members the residents of Kilkenny, South Australia.  In 2012 Kilkenny resident Nelson Manonella was inspired to do something to change the streets in our suburbs, namely to re-green the verges and introduce street art through painting stobbie poles.  Nelson approached the local council and the rest is history thanks to the support of the City of Charles Sturt and Hindmarsh Greening. Any resident from the area is invited to take part and where possible the local residents will support others in their endeavours.

Some of the work completed in the area includes:

  • Painting over 30% of the stobie poles in the area.
  • Supplying paint to local residents.
  • Working with council staff to create the decorated verges and roundabouts at the corner of Downer/Wilpena and Yallum/Wilpena Terrace in Kilkenny.
  • Engaging locals at the Kilkenny Train Station with a monthly clean up and gardening group.
  • Has won the Encouragement Award as part of the 2016 City of Charles Sturt Garden Competition.
  • Created an open area art gallery in McInerney Reserve on the back wall of Biancos.
  • Assisted in documenting the history of Kilkenny working with local historian Gino Chinca and running 5 history events between 2015 and 2017.
  • Is the home of the Citizen of the Year in 2017 (Tracey Davis).

 To take part or to feed into the various networks in the area please contact the group. The Kilkenny Train Station Team meets every second Saturday of the month at 9am for their clean up sessions. Regular meetings are held every 6 weeks for local residents at the Kilkenny Community Centre. Please see the list of our 2017 dates below:

  • Oct 17
  • Nov 28
  • Feb 6 2018 
  • March 20
  • May 1
  • June 12

To become involved please contact click here to visit our contacts page.