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Back in the day …

Posted on Mar 11, 2017 by in Home, Pole Art | 0 comments

Kilkenny has had a rich history of transportation.

We once had a a tram that travelled down Torrens Road, we have a train running every 15 to 30 minutes from the city to Grange or the Port, Holdens used to produces cars on the corner of nearby Addison and Port Roads and there was once a milkies horse called RUSTY that lived in our street.

My neighbour when I first moved into the district 16 years ago was a long term employee of the now extinct and soon to be more extinct Holden’s.  The council has recently put in a bike track that runs down the side of the railway line for people to bike in and out of the city. And in all honest if you had to walk into the city of Adelaide you could within about an hour.

And there is a tram that runs from the Entertainment Centre down in nearby Brompton and Bowden.  So we are kind of swamped for options when it comes to transportation within our area.


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