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Palm Trees by Gabrielle

Posted on Mar 11, 2017 by in Home, Pole Art | 0 comments

About the Design: 

I love palms and the beach and thought it would be nice to paint a little island out the front on the pole. A Greek lady walking past one day told me that in Greece they paint the pavement white every year which then inspired me to extend the painting onto the footpath a little (and also this covered up the drips).

About the Artist:

Gabrielle was born in Germany where she discovered a passion for art as a very young child. It is something that she has just always done and probably stems from having a famous artist in her family her great great grandfather Gustav Breuning.

Gabrielle applied for both the Berlin Art School and a working visa to Australia 20 years ago. She decided to emigrate and has been in SA ever since.

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